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LOVE.check is an awareness game consisting of 70 cards. Each card shows a photograph and every photo appears twice in the game. During the playing of the game pairs are selected, just like in the memory game. After that the pictures are spoken about further, with the guidance of a group leader. In the game there are mostly four storylines. Like one story is about a family in which a number of members are hiv+ or have aids. Another story is about falling in love, friendship, sexuality and hiv/aids. Yet another story speaks of a girl that’s in danger and a fourth story line shows the prejudice and stigma’s that exist around getting infected. The storylines are developed for each country because they need to match the culture of the country. On top of that the game finds its shape with the cooperation of a sexologist, an education- and culture specialist and the WEB.foundation in cooperation with a local team. The game can be played by children who cannot read or write. Preferably an adult is present to guide and explain the rules printed on a flyer. In addition to these rules all photographs are described in ways how one is infected and how to avoid infection, about myths, etc.
The game is supplied in printed format and can be played on the website and downloaded from this website.