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The WEB.foundation always asks those who use the game LOVE.checkto provide feedback and comments. For many supervisors it remains difficult to talk about and discuss hiv/aids, sexuality and gender with children and adolescents. They often lack the training and skills to lead conversations and discussions on these topics. Questions that may arise, are; How do I introduce a topic like this? How do I keep the discussion going? How do I deal with silences and embarrassment, or with over-assertive children? and, How do I handle large groups and what do I do when the discussion falters?

To provide an answer to these questions, WEB.foundation developed 15 short training films for supervisors. They show a variety of realistic situations and provide the supervisors with tools and ideas to lead and support the discussions. The films focus on the game LOVE.check in South Africa, but they can be used for all of the WEB.foundation games.

Idea script & organisation   Marleen Engbersen, Karin van Paassen
Realisation script & teacher in the film   Gemma Pagano
Production & editing   Afra Jonker, Boa Producties,Amsterdam
Organisation translations   Marianne Verschoor
Camera   Nicole Bataké
Sound   Carlos Crahay Bloklander
Music   Bastiaan Swager
Subtitles   Sjaan de Bruijn, van Garmen, Amsterdam
Design website training films   Arjan van Amsterdam, Studio van Amsterdam
Actors   Musicalschool, Amsterdam

Financed by: Impulsis, WEB.foundation and donations.

WEB.foundation commissioned the English translation of the subtitles and is responsible for subtitles in this language only. As WEB.foundation placed the films on the website www.subtitles.com, translations in other languages may be around. This website unites an international network of volunteers devoted to translating educational films in many different languages and then to distribute the films. By doing so, WEB.foundation hopes that the films will reach audiences from a wide variety of language communities.

View the instruction films

Beware: Depending on the bandwidth of your internet connection some delay may occur when downloading the films. By pushing the pause button, you can wait while the films are being downloaded. But then, the films are worthwhile waiting for.