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STOP.ebola is a memory game about Ebola for Sierra Leone. The game has been developed to give young people and adults factual information and to stimulate the dialogue on Ebola. Cordaid has approached the WEB.foundation to develop this game along the same lines as their well tested method.

The game STOP.ebola has been developed in collaboration with Cordaid as well as national and international  NGO’s which are active in Sierra Leone.
10.000 copies of STOP.ebola are printed, but the game can also be played on this website and printed off.

The game consists of 50 cards. On each card there is an illustration, each illustration appears twice in the game. While playing the game the cards with the same illustration have to be paired up. The game consists of the following chapters: transmission, prevention, treatment, role of the community and truths.

An instruction manual is included for the supervisor, in which the illustrations are explained, together with general information. After playing the game, the pictures will be extensively discussed. STOP.ebola is also suitable for people who cannot read or write. The game can also be viewed and played on the website of Cordaid www.cordaidmemisa.nl