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Projects in Ghana
In 2016 the WEB.foundation team will be working on three projects in Ghana, in cooperation with local partners. The target group are Ghanaian youth up to 20 years of age. Our aim is to develop methods to inform them and raise their awareness about issues related to hiv/aids and sexual violence. The means we will employ to reach them include digital media, film, training and safe meeting places.


1.XES, serious game
In cooperation with Leti Games from Accra we are designing a serious game (demo) that tackles issues related to sexual violence and hiv/aids. By means of this game we aim to do something about the lack of information and to break the silence on these issues. It can help young people cross a threshold and have them talk with e.g. peers or peer educators, or report violent incidents to the authorities. An entertainment setting can  promote openness and  work as taboo-breaking, ultimately leading to behavioral changes. After its launch, we will evaluate the use and effects of the game and on the basis of the acquired data we will determine whether and how the game needs to be adapted.

2. Research for a film project.
With short films, made by and for Ghanaian youth, we aim to provide young people with the knowledge and skills needed to make conscious and informed choices regarding a healthy sex life. Afra explores how to train youth groups to make short films and how to distribute the films to as many peers as possible. Evidently, social media play an important role in this regard. Overall, it must be a sustainable and effective project rather than a one-time intervention / training.

3. Youth Health Centers
YAG (Youth Advocates Ghana) will set up Adolescent Health Corners at four senior high schools in the Nsawam-Adoagyiri Municipality. Those are safe and barrier-free hotspots where young people can talk freely and ask questions about sex and related topics. They can participate in group discussions or have individual interviews to get advice and tips and, if necessary, referrals to doctors or other health professionals. In partnership with the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana and Mary Stopes, young people will be trained to become peer educators themselves using the successful method 'NO YAWA'.

The WEB.foundation team consists of Geertje Postma, Afra Jonker and Karin van Paassen. Our partners are YAG and Leti Games, and we cooperate with local NGOs.
The projects are made possible with financial support from the Dutch Embassy in Ghana.

YOLO – You only life once
Game about sexual health

As we told you in an earlier newsletter, WEB.foundation is  currently working on a memory game that provides easily accessible sex education to teenagers and can be used when discussing sexual health. Several issues about their body, emotions and sex related topics can be discussed with the help of the illustrated playing cards. Most parents and teachers know that giving sex education, and talking about love and sex is important, but they also know that this is not easy. Thanks to financial support from the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund the game can be developed. At present the drawings and illustrations are being made. Then we will start to promote this game to NGOs and schools that want to work with this edu-tainment game.

Let us know about your experiences with the WEB.foundation tools
The WEB.foundation would very much like to know about your experiences with the foundation’s games, animations and training films. Do send us your stories, preferably with photos or drawings.
We would like to put a series of new stories about your experiences and the experiences of your local affiliates on our website. Please, send an e-mail to info@webfoundation.nl

WEB.foundation has recently started its own YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tolW6zBsoc&feature=youtu.be

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