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Aids doesn’t need to occur, it can be prevented.
The WEB.foundation wants to inform young people timely of the risks of hiv/aids and unsafe sexual behaviour and wants to support grown ups, young people and social workers with the communication about these issues and how to deal with processing experiences.

The WEB.foundation aims to contribute to the prevention of hiv/aids by encouraging young people to talk about these and related subjects before they become sexually active and by supporting the communication between people who are affected by hiv/aids.
To reach this objective the WEB.foundation is developing the LOVE.check game and the FAMILY.matters game. These are games, that are based on the principle of memory and that consist of pictures related to the local culture. Besides that the animated films ‘The Story of BOBO’ were developed, with information about how the hiv virus works in the body and the working of the medication.

'Aids affects many children and youngsters. On a daily basis 657 children are infected with HIV, 520 children die of AIDS-related diseases and many children lose their parents. There are 17,8 million aids-orphans in the world. 40% of all new infections affects youths younger than 25. In Sub-Sahara Africa, 74% of girls and 64% of boys do not have a proper knowledge on how to prevent an hiv infection'. 2015, source: StopAidsNow.