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The interactive game contains a selection of 27 cards (of 35).

Commissioned by the Dutch HIV Association, WEB.foundation developed the game FAMILY.matters in 2005. The game is meant for those with a family member who is hiv+ and for the people who attend to them. FAMILY.matters is a memory game, similar in design to LOVE.check, with the aim to stimulate and support communication.

HIV Association added a brochure to the game entitled ‘Tell me about it’. It addresses questions like ‘hiv in the family, whom do you share it with? Do you tell your child that you are hiv+, or that your child is hiv+? How do you deal with school, the sports club, the neighbours? What do you do when people gossip about you?'
Those are questions and uncertainties people are confronted with on a daily basis.

The brochure is available in Dutch, French and English.

Distribution: Dutch HIV Treatment centres
Design: Marleen Oud: Niet Vouwen AUB
Photography: Wiesje Peels