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Abene, a little village in the Casamance district in Senegal was in 2002 the cradle where LOVE.check originated. Marleen Engbersen and Karin van Paassen played with children and adults alike miscellaneous children's games to discover the best format for LOVE.check. In November 2003 Ms. Paassen returned to Abene to show the result and to distribute the game to the primary schools and the local aids information services.

The games are used extensively. Their use spreads further and further: The captain of the kindergarten in Abene, Mr. Lambal, is also coordinator of the reginal Scouting. A lot of children and youth have joined this Scouting. He teaches the Scouts on HIV/AIDS by using LOVE.check.
In the neighboring village of Kafountine, the local midwifes inform and educate the girls and women of the girl school Satang Jabang about HIV/AIDS during the public health lessons. They also utilize LOVE.check and are very pleased with it.